Terms and conditions

  1. General
    1. These terms and conditions cover all facilities  available through the lists.libdems.org.uk site (the “services”), though excluding any services accessed via external links from that site to other websites.
    2. By using any of these services you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.
    3. These terms and conditions cover services even if they are accessed via email commands or other means rather than through the lists.libdems.org.uk website.
    4. “List owner” and “list owners” means the person or people who create or manage an email list.
    5. Any appeal over allegations by a user of miss-application of these terms and conditions shall be to the Chief Executive, whose decision shall be final save that any party members or party organisations may appeal to the Federal Appeals Panel.
    6. These terms and conditions may at any time be altered by the Liberal Democrats and publication on the lists.libdems.org.uk website of the new version shall be deemed sufficient and adequate notice to users.
  2. The services are provided by the Liberal Democrats and the Liberal Democrats reserve the right to remove use of the services from any one or more users at any time.
  3. If you become a list owner or subscribe to any email lists you also shall be deemed to have agreed to receive any necessary information messages or requests from the Liberal Democrats which are related to ensuring the smooth running of the service.
  4. Confidentiality
    1. The contents of any email messages sent to lists hosted by the service shall not be disclosed to non-members of the list, except where:
      1. This is in line with the settings selected by the list’s owners,
      2. This is done by the list member themselves (though this may be in contravention of the list’s own conditions– see below),
      3. Disclosure is to Liberal Democrat staff, volunteers or contractors working on behalf of the Liberal Democrats to ensure the smooth running of the service,
      4. Disclosure is made with the express approval of the Chief Executive, or
      5. Required by law.
    2. If a user provides a Liberal Democrat party membership number when registering on the website or subsequently provides one, data may be exchanged between the list server’s database and the party’s membership records (e.g. to update the party’s membership records with the person’s correct email address).
  5. Misuse
    1. Subscribers to email lists and email list owners agree that they will not use the services to transmit illegal, harassing, obscene or libellous material, material which is significantly detrimental to the Liberal Democrats’ reputation or computer viruses.
    2. List owners agree that they shall not use the service to sign up people to lists without their consent.
    3. List owners and subscribers agree that they shall not breach UK data protection laws or regulations by their use of these services.
    4. Subscribers and list owners agree that they shall not attempt to interfere with any other user’s use of the service nor to impair the service’s performance.
    5. List owners may include additional terms for use of any of their lists. Any breach of such additional terms shall be due cause for their removal from such list or lists, but shall not be due cause for their removal from all lists unless other parts of these terms and conditions are breached.
  6. Termination
    1. You agree that the Liberal Democrats may at any time and without notice terminate any user’s use of the services.
  7. Liability
    1. The Liberal Democrats provide the service “as is” and use of the service is solely at the user’s risk.
    2. The Liberal Democrats do not accept any liability for any direct or indirect losses arising out of the use of the service.
    3. The Liberal Democrats may remove from the service, including its archives, any messages which breach the terms and conditions. Where any allegation has been made that a message breaches the terms and conditions, a message may be removed pending written confirmation from all the parties involved that the issue has been resolved.
    4. Each list owner and each subscriber shall indemnify the Liberal Democrats and the officers and employees of the Liberal Democrats against any liability incurred by the Liberal Democrats or by any officer or employee of the Liberal Democrats arising from any breach by that list owner or subscriber of these terms and conditions or of any other legal obligation.
  8. Questions and corrections
    1. If you have any queries about the application of these terms and conditions or wishes to make an appeal under 1(e), they should contact the Chief Executive, 4 Cowley Street, London, SW1P 3NB, privacy@libdems.org.uk
    2. The Chief Executive should also be contacted if you believe there are any mistakes in the information about you being held by the email list service.

Dated: 13 May 2004

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